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Earning Money With Internet Jobs

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Many people think their part time jobs are a way of making ends meet. Part time jobs actually bring food to your plate now. Back then, it was just a way of making idle time productive. For students, it’s a means of getting by college, especially if you don’t have a college fund. But today, part time jobs have evolved from the odd jobs that people do to earn extra bucks to legitimate income earners.

It’s been said that the internet can be a source of a lot of things that humans could not have imagined it could provide. From a source of information, to getting hold of the latest gadgets; and even hooking up with a partner. But these days, the internet can also be a source of income. Through recent years, people have found ways of finding legitimate home work by working online. The internet has been a home to a lot of people who earn their living through the medium. A very good example of working online would be writing articles. A lot of people found it cheaper to have an article written for them than hiring someone personally.

Writers are not the only ones who earn more by working online. There are various niches for people who want to earn in the internet. There are also people who are looking for people to prepare marketing ideas for them and others look for people that can design web pages for them. These are normal people who do not have enough time to accomplish their tasks, and are looking for help in the internet.

Data Entry Specialists are also sought in the internet. They are people who are capable of transferring data into an organized way, usually with the use of spreadsheets. A lot of small companies in the US and Europe look for these people in order for them to organize their data and pay less money for it. It’s sort of a way to cut down their costs and finish the task faster. Usually, the data to be organized would be list of their clients, their business addresses and phone numbers. But mind you, normally these data also range from hundreds to thousands of entries. So if you feel you’re up to it, get an internet connection and start working online.

Don’t be ashamed of a online job because it is sometimes legitimate home work. In these times of crisis, everyone needs an extra buck to spare. So go ahead and get hooked to the net, and this time, earn income rather than update your facebook or myspace profiles.

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How To Network Your Way For The First Job

Friday, June 12th, 2009

After you have graduated, surely you wish to get a goos first job. You would not want to leave any avenue unexplored that could help you land a job. Campus placement cells, job sites, newspapers are all good means that help you look for fresher jobs. However, there is one more way, which may not be as popular but it is as effective as any other means. It is networking. Networking is sometimes the best way to land your first job. In fact, at all stages of your career, especially as you move higher up the corporate ladder, you would realize that there is nothing better than networking to make a job switch. Here are some inforamtion about what is networking and how does it help you get the first job.

Networking primarily means to develop a wide ranging list of contacts. These could be your friends, your seniors, people you met at parties, or people you meet on social networking sites online. You can use this list of contacts to your advantage while looking for your first job effectively. Your college seniors and industry experts would be quite instrumental in informing you about job leads, pitching in a word for you with the employer, giving you career you advice and giving you information about a particular company or industry. It is through your network that you can meet more people and expand the list of contacts.

Networking is not about bombarding people with job enquiries. It has to be gradual, regular and developed with effort. If you try and contact everybody you know only when you start your job search and start asking about job openings, people might get peeved. The ideal way is to keep in touch regularly. Once you make a good rapport, job offers will come to you even without your asking. You have to build alliances that would come in handy when you are on a look out for your first job. And it could be anybody.

Networking is also beneficial because many jobs are not advertised. They are filled by word-of-mouth references and through acquaintances. Thus, you can come to know about these jobs for freshers only through insiders. And a recruiter will always prefer to hire somebody who comes through a reference as it is the first level check for the recruiter. Thus, if you have networked well and go through an internal reference, your chances of getting your first job multiply manifold. But remember one thing that networking is not about making cold calls and nagging people with job requests. This will only end up irking them and spoil your prospects. Rather, be subtle and judicious in your approach.

Nowadays, networking online is also a very good option but you have to be careful about who you are networking with. There are many social and professional networking sites. You can start with your college seniors and request them to introduce you to their acquaintances. You must showcase your accomplishments in your online profile to establish your credibility. After all, nobody would want to network with you and inform you about job openings if your profile is not worth it. Once you have a decent network, be sure to communicate with them regularly. Be as much ready to help as you are eager to seek their help. Also, prepare a strong resume and circulate it within your network. Talk to your alliances on issues other than job hunting. These are the lateral means of establishing a good relationship that will eventually help you get your first job.

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